Dapper Dog fits any budgetPricing is based on your dog’s size, breed, temperament and the style you have your pet maintained in. In essence, we time charge. You may wish to keep your pet in a highly styled finish or maybe your dog is happy to have a regular clip down to keep them cool and comfortable. 

At A Dapper Dog Grooming Parlour, we fully understand a busy life means you may need help to keep your dog a happy member of the family. Regardless of the coat condition we will work with you to achieve the look and style that best fits your lifestyle and budget.

Even if that coat has gotten a little bit (or a lot) out of hand - no matter. We'll make your pet looking all Dappered in no time at all. Our speciality.

Call, email or come in and see us for a quote.
Our satisfaction is seeing your dog go home all Dappered up. 

BATH & DRY – short hairPrice Guide
* Small Breed – e.g. Jack Russell, PugFrom $45
* Medium Breed – e.g. Bull Dog, BeagleFrom $55
* Large Breed – e.g. Boxer, DalmationFrom $58
* Large Breed – e.g. Denser Coated - Labrador, CattledogFrom $68
* X-Large Breed – e.g. Great Dane, Mastiffs From $65
BATH & TIDY – longer coat incl. eye, bottom & feet tidyPrice Guide
* Small Breed – e.g. Shih Tzu, MalteseFrom $65
* Medium Breed – e.g. Poodle, BichonFrom $75
* Large Breed – e.g. Retriever, German ShepherdFrom $95
* X-Large Breed – e.g. St. Bernard, NewfoundlandFrom $150
CLIP– medium to long coat in short clip incl. feet, face & trimmings Price Guide
* Small Breed – e.g. Silky, MalteseFrom $95
* Medium Breed – e.g. Cocker Spaniel, Cavalier, SpoodleFrom $110
* Large Breed – e.g. Border Collies, Retriever, OES, Bernese Mtn DogFrom $145
* X-Large Breed – e.g. St. Bernard, Newfoundland, Briard, MareemaFrom $200
STYLE – longer coat styled furnishings incl. clip & hand scissorPrice Guide
* Small Breed – e.g. Toy Poodle, Min. PoodleFrom $113
* Medium Breed – e.g. West Highland, Miniature Schnauzer, Scottie From $118
* Large Breed – e.g. Springer Spaniel, Std. Schnauzer, From $135
SCISSOR – long coat including full hand scissor styling of bodyPrice Guide
* Small Breed – e.g. Maltese, Shih TzuFrom $130
* Medium Breed – e.g. Poodle, Bichon, Lhasa ApsoFrom $150
* Medium Breed (thick coats) – e.g. SpoodleFrom $165
* Large Breed – e.g. Standard PoodleFrom $230
* X-Large Breed – e.g. Standard Poodle full coatFrom $260
WALK-IN-SERVICES – No waiting, one off procedures as listedPrice Guide
* Nail clipping with or without filing (yes, includes all 4 paws)From $15
* Eye trim (2 eyes)    OR    Feet trim (4 feet)    OR    Face trimFrom $12 ea
* TOOTHBRUSHING – Individual toothbrush & pet Toothpaste - First Visit$6
* TOOTHBRUSHING – Individual toothbrush & pet Toothpaste - Repeat$3
* MUZZLING - if your dog requires one for our safety for brief periodsFrom $35
* FLEA TREATMENTS - Permoxin Rinse or Fido’s Shampoo (Parlour supplied)$5.50 session
* BYO MEDICATED SHAMPOO - Those that require parlour gloves & soaking$5.50 session
* LATE DROP-OFF - <30mins late (your dog will be ready at 5pm)From $30
* VERY LATE DROP-OFF - >30mins late (appointment at our discretion)$55
* NO SHOW - failing to provide 24 hours cancellation notice$75
* LATE PICK-UP - >5pm (we are NOT a Boarding Kennel!)$55 /15 mins
* EFTPOS & Cash No fee
* Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX)  (Cheques not accepted)$2.20 flat fee

Click on the GROOMING page for more detailed inclusions with each full groom.
With each full groom above, the following is included:

  • Shampoos – Hypoallergenic, Medicated, degreasing or mild Aloe Vera
  • Protein & Oatmeal conditioners
  • Fresh clean warm water - we guarantee to never use Hydrobaths or similar
  • Nail clipping (all 4 paws)
  • Ear plucking & ear cleaning
  • Complete warm-air fluff dry
  • Fresh drinking water provided
  • Individual care & own space - no intermingling with other dogs
  • Anti-fatigue mats to lay on for our older clientele
  • Full Brushing & Combing
  • Toileting through grooming visit as needed – fully supervised outside on grass area

As we've never actually seen your proposed Dappered Dog, we need to make some presumptions about pricing. They are:

  • that the coat is in reasonable condition having received routine appropriate grooming
  • if necessary, any heavy de-matting or knot removal required will incur extra charges
  • your dog has a nice temperament and overall is fine being touched and handled
  • X-Breed pricing will be based on the most dominant breed and/or coat that presents

We find that 95% of all new customers can expect to pay the above rates +/- $5 to $10.

But remember you are welcome and encouraged to pop-in for a more accurate quote as we can then see what exactly you would like done, coat condition etc. We're here to help you and ensure your dog goes home all Dappered. We'll never make you feel embarrassed.

At our complete discretion, we do NOT groom some breeds including: Husky, Malamute, Akita, Samoyed, Afghan, Collie, Keeshond, Chow Chow, etc. Should you have one of these breeds, you are welcome to call or drop in and we can discuss your specific requirements and to see if we can accommodate. Contact us by clicking on the CONTACT US page.

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