Lulu & Missy on left & Max on the right
This is Lulu & Missy on the left. They live together and never like to be apart. Missy is kept short which means she is easy to maintain at home.

On the right is Max. He was groomed in an easy to home-maintain styled clip.

Scooby the Poodle-X
This is Scooby the Poodle-X.
Scooby is a joyful happy boy
who loves his pampering. His
owners love him in a scissor
style with a full face.

This a a good mix of style &
comfort that shows off his
handsome looks whilst making
the daily home groom easy.

Scooby is a true pleasure to
groom. Everyone at A Dapper
Dog really looks forward to
seeing him.

This is Betty the Silky. She has had a full bath, brush-out of the tangles and a hand scissor of her face, feet, tail & skirts. She had a smile on her face realising how beautiful she looked. 

Lottie the Scottish TerrierThis is Lottie the Scottish Terrier.
Lottie's favourite past-time is to
rummage around the undergrowth
at the local park. Her owners like
to keep her in a traditional Scottie
style clip to easily comb out any
burrs she collects whilst having fun.

Milo the Pug-X
Milo is a Pug-X & new to A Dapper
Dog Grooming. But we couldn't
resist taking his photo with such
a handsome face.

Milo had a full bath including
nail trimming & ear cleaning.

He was very well behaved.
Milo is always welcome back.

Patsy the Spoodle before & afterThis is Patsy in a before & after photo shoot.

Patsy is a young-ish Spoodle
(English Cocker Spaniel
X Medium Poodle).

She has been groomed
in a Clip that allows for her exuberant nature to go out & have lots of fun without getting the dreaded tangles.

Would you like your Dappered Dog displayed here? Let us know the next time you are in and we'll see what we can do.